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CV Advice – Top 10 Tips For Writing A Perfect CV

  • Are you struggling to write a CV that works?
  • Is English as a second language a barrier to writing a good CV?

A CV that sells you and your skills is worth its weight in gold. After all, it’s the first impression an agency or potential employer will have of you.

It’s essential that you get your CV right first time – and that’s not easy!

And if English isn’t your mother tongue, it makes it even more difficult to write a convincing CV.

We’ve come up with some top tips for CV writing, and if you think you would like the help of a professional CV writing service, we recommend the CV Store.

And, when you study with us you can get an exclusive discount on their CV writing service.

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Ten Top Tips For CV Writing

1. Remember the purpose of CV writing

Your CV is the first point of contact between you and a prospective new employer. It is all they know about you so it is essential that your CV writing style gives the right first impression.

2. Make sure it gives a good first impression

When you use your CV in support of an application for a job it will usually arrive along with a number of others. The person reading it will only allow a very short time for an initial appraisal of each candidate. You may be ideal for the job, but you will have lost your opportunity to prove it if you do not make a good first impression with your CV.

3. Not too much detail

If the layout of the CV is not attractive, or there are long paragraphs, the employer could discard your CV at first glance. You need to impart the maximum information with the minimum effort on the part of the reader. The most common mistake people make when CV writing is to include too much detail.

4. Prioritise information

Although it can be a daunting task you must prioritise information and keep it to a minimum. When CV writing, always remember that ‘less is more’. Your CV writing will have far more impact if you include less information but make sure that it is all totally relevant.

5. No repetition

Be careful that you don’t repeat information. After you have completed the CV writing, go through the document and strike any unnecessary adjectives or repetitions. You will undoubtedly be very surprised how much it is improved and streamlined.

6. Use bulleted lists

There is no doubt that in CV writing bulleted lists are much better than paragraphs of prose. However you should still remember that you are delivering an important message which needs to have impact. Don’t make each point too complete and don’t include too many points in your list.

7. Remember it is a marketing document

It is important to remember that a CV is essentially a marketing document for use in a very competitive field. It needs to be written in a format which will be pleasing to the eye and impart information in a very clear and concise way.

8. Use an objective approach

It is a sad fact that the prospective employer is not actually interested in you as a person, only in what you can bring to his organisation. The approach to CV writing needs to be objective and viewed from the perspective of the reader. You need to demonstrate the skills and competencies you have to offer

9. Demonstrate what you have to offer

Your CV is all that a prospective employer knows about you so if you are to succeed it is important that you make sure that he can understand exactly what you have to offer. Your CV writing style needs to demonstrate why he should employ you in particular, rather than one of the many other candidates for the job.

10. Identify your market

The trick in writing an effective CV is to identify your target market and then demonstrate that you have the skills and competencies that they are looking for. Look carefully at the job advertisement and see what the prospective employer is actually seeking. You can then ensure that your CV writing style is relevant, concise and very clear

Now you know how to write an eye catching CV, it’s time to perfect your interview technique.

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Getting Professional Help With Your CV

Most people know how to write a basic CV, but in order to stand out from the crowd we would recommend seeking the help of a professional CV writer.

This route is ideal to ensure you use the correct structure and tone, and highlight your strengths in the best way possible.

Plus, if English isn’t your mother tongue you can avoid any costly language or grammar mistakes.

Our most successful students have identified that having great skills is sometimes not enough to get you the best jobs.

Once you’ve got the skills, you need to create a stand out CV that will market yourself to agencies and potential employers, and will maximise your chance of getting an interview.

So if you think you could benefit from some expert help with your CV, Holborn Training would recommend visiting The CV Store.

They’re not a free CV writing service however for a realistic fee, they’ll construct a factual, honest CV that will really sell your strong points.

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We’re passionate about helping you get your dream career, and having a flawless CV is the next step after your qualification.

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