Demand For Shorthand Rockets As Applications Change.

Many people think shorthand is a dead skill but they’d be wrong as demand for shorthand training courses is “booming” according to Shilpa Wymer, Principal of the Pitman Training centres in London’s Holborn and Notting Hill and Central Manchester.

“Many people have an outdated idea of shorthand as a skill harking back to the 1970’s but we’ve found changes in both the preferred style and the ways in which it is used have changed,” she claims.

“Traditionally everyone used to take a Pitman shorthand course in order to get a job as a secretary where one was required to take dictation from the boss every morning as part of the daily work routine. But all that’s changed now.”

From Pitman To Teeline.

Mrs Wymer admits that there are fewer shorthand users now than before the personal computer boom of the 1980’s however she says the number of students taking shorthand has doubled every year for the past 5 years.

“Interestingly, people’s attitudes have changed and where once Pitman shorthand was the style to have on your CV, today it is Teeline that is required.

The change seems to have come about because Teeline is easier and faster to learn, so Pitman Training has taken the brave step of concentrating mostly on Teeline courses rather than the style that bears its name.”

But it is not only the style that has changed.

New Uses For Shorthand.

Technology has rendered traditional dictation pretty much obsolete but nowadays Mrs Wymer has observed that shorthand and Teeline in particular, is used by secretaries for minute taking; by senior managers who want to keep their notes secret; by journalists to enable them to take verbatim quotes and even by judges for reasons of secrecy and speed.

Pitman Training runs a monthly Meetings And Minutes course which is always sold out and many of these students find they need to subsequently take a Teeline course in order to really deliver the value their bosses need.

Mrs Wymer continues, “Apart from the secretaries, we’ve been quite surprised by the number of bosses who need to learn to keep their notes unreadable to others and most of these professionals favour our Teeline Fast course as it only requires about 35 hours of study.”

The Teeline Fast course is also very popular with journalists and over the last few years, Teeline has become the standard for people wanting to work in this industry.

Changes To Delivery Method.

Even the way that shorthand courses are delivered has changed in the last few years.

Mrs Wymer explains: “While we still successfully offer a classroom based Teeline course, many people nowadays find they don’t have the time to get to class every time and that’s why our self-paced learning methodology is a valuable alternative.

With this more modern training delivery method, students listen to pre-recorded lessons and develop their Teeline skills at a speed and frequency that suits them.

They still need to attend our training centre where they have the support of our friendly trainers on a one-to-one basis, but because the courses are pre-recorded, it doesn’t matter if you miss a class. You can always catch up when you are able to come in.”

If you are interested in taking a shorthand course and Teeline in particular, why not contact Pitman Training?

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