Emily Kingsford: Executive PA Diploma

Emily Kingsford - Executive PA Diploma29th January 2013

I’ve just finished my Executive P.A Diploma with Pitman and thoroughly enjoyed studying here. Knowing that the skills I’d gain by studying here would be so transferable, made me sure that it would not be a waste of time or money! I decided to complete my course in a short space of time and would recommend this to anyone wondering how to manage their study time. Pitman is great in that it’s so flexible so you can fit your studying in around a job or family. The tutors are always so helpful and I always felt comfortable asking them for help.

Lots of advice was given to improve my C.V; applying for jobs and interviews can be daunting but the tutors were always incredibly supportive and willing to help. I particularly enjoyed the seminar days and learnt so many useful tips. I would recommend Pitman to anybody wanting to improve their skills and make themselves more employable.

Emily Kingsford

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