Employers Look for Extra Skills in a Volatile Employment Market

Keeping a career drive at full speed can tire even the most committed aspiring professional. But, in the current UK jobs market, can you afford to drop the ball even for a moment? Our courses and nationally recognised diplomas are designed to boost the skills of all levels of employee, from the PA who wants to learn touch typing, to the parent returning to a career after a long hiatus who’s looking to boost their employment chances with an Accounting Technician diploma.

Review Your CV
There are a thousand cheeky ways to boost a CV, but few things speak louder than simple skills lists. Prospective employers may perhaps care that you completed your Gold D or E award, but they’ll definitely be engaged by a dynamic, practical list of skills that relate to the job in hand. A whiz with numbers? Prove it on paper with a payroll course. Excellent PA skills but no qualifications? Our secretarial diplomas are nationally recognised.

Write a Hypothetical Job Spec and See If Your Skills Match Up
It’s said we’re often our own harshest critics, so how did you do? Being prepared – being more than prepared – for professional life is something we can help you with. The current jobs market isn’t set up to operate on a skin-of-your-teeth platform. Everyone is highly qualified, experienced and driven. You need to out-qualify and generally outperform the competition in every way possible in order to reach your potential.

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