Eva Travnickova – Trainer for Pitman Training Manchester

Eva photoMy name is Eva Travnickova and I’m a Trainer at Pitman Training Manchester. I’m originally from the Czech Republic and have been living abroad for more than 3 years now.

I used to study music and teach at a music school. I’ve travelled around Europe with different orchestras and always enjoyed it so when I finished Music College I wanted to explore the world a little bit more. After a year living and working in the USA I moved to the UK.

Living in a foreign country is very challenging and demanding but a great opportunity to learn loads of new things and meet new people. I decided to gain some new skills to change my career path and signed up to do a Receptionist Diploma at Pitman Training centre in Manchester. Studying at Pitman was a fantastic decision and experience as I’ve learnt a lot of useful skills within a very friendly environment and when I was almost finished with my diploma I was offered a trainer position.

Being a part of an amazing and professional team, helping students in the centre and over the phone and learning more and more new skills every day is a great experience.


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