From Accounts Assistant to Accounting Professional

The role of the entry level accounts assistant is superb in terms of career progression. Our payroll courses and accounting career development diplomas are designed to help accounts assistants make the most of their exceptionally diverse role.

The great thing about entry level accounts assistant roles is that there are typically no hard and fast qualifications needed. Employers offer great on-the-job training, usually being far more impressed by a sharp mind and motivation than a packed skill set. This can be fantastic for everyone from arts graduates to parents returning to work.

Although many employers offer in-house training and career development opportunities, self-directed study can be outstandingly beneficial in terms of both skill development and character insight. We work both with individuals and companies to offer superb career development paths and study options.

The typical accounts assistant can progress into a huge range of more focused areas – forensic accounting, private accounting, advanced bookkeeping, small business financial assessment, budgeting etc. Our accounting technician diploma courses are the ideal stepping stone for accounts assistants looking to become fully chartered accountants without heading to university for three years. Courses are designed to fit around personal timetables and goals.

Another great side to accounting is that it spans almost every industry. Everyone from NGOs and schools, to corporate business and self-employed florists typically require the services of an accounting professional. Our accounting diplomas are tailored to give entry level accounts assistants the best possible skills to further their career.

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