From Telemarketing To Franchising. Pitman Training Is The Link!

When I started my business, a telemarketing bureau, back in 1988, I used to do the books myself.

First of all I didn’t know you had a choice and second, even if I had known, I couldn’t have afforded to have someone do them for me.
Back then, you had to go to WH Smith to buy big red ledgers into which you would hand write all the incomings and outgoings.

I could just about remember some rudimentary bookkeeping training I had had at school for CSE Commerce, so my only bit of sophistication was that I knew you weren’t allowed to rub out or Tippex numbers, otherwise the taxman would be upset and cause trouble.

Over time, as the business got bigger and I grew more and more annoyed at the amount of money I had to pay an accountant at the end of the year, I decided to take some bookkeeping courses myself and I went to Pitman Training. This was all before PC’s were common in small businesses, so the bookkeeping courses I took were all based on manual systems.
Looking back, I didn’t take enough courses so I made rather a mess of the books in the early ‘90s, so I cast around for a part-time bookkeeper and eventually found one who eventually became a good family friend.

Fast forward a couple of years and PC’s were everywhere so we had to pay for my friend to take some Sage Line 50 training and we went through the daunting process of moving to computerised accounts and payroll.

It was a big step and we made loads of mistakes at first as we learned how to do it. In the end we worked it out.

Eventually the time came when the business had outgrown my friend and we had to part company. We were just too big for his level of expertise. That was a tough separation!

I tried to sweeten the breakup by paying for him to have some advanced bookkeeping training, again at Pitman Training as I had been impressed with them before.
Happily, he went on to much bigger and better things, as did we.

Eventually I sold the company to the management team and they moved it to Scotland where, you guessed it, they retrained the bookkeeper at Pitman Training!
There’s a bit of a them going on here, with Pitman, so for my next venture I’m considering buying one of their franchises.

That way I’ll make money from Pitman Training rather than spending it!

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