Get Double Qualified For The Best Choice Of Jobs.

Students at the Pitman Training centres in London’s Holborn, Notting Hill and also in Central Manchester are being the offered the opportunity to qualify for two diploma qualifications for the price of one.

Get Double Qualified!

London Notting Hill -
020 7792 5214

London High Holborn -
020 725 4700

Manchester -
0161 923 6814

The opportunity is centred around their Executive PA, legal secretarial and medical secretarial diploma programmes.

Principal Shilpa Wymer explains:
“Our diploma level Executive PA course requires students to choose four subjects from our range and by making the right selections, they can qualify for either an Executive PA diploma and a legal secretarial diploma or an Executive PA diploma and a medical secretarial diploma, without investing any more money than they would for just the PA qualification.”

“It’s a great way for students to double their career opportunities, “she continues.
All three of these diploma topics have been jewels in the Pitman crown for some time and each is highly regarded by employers as a statement that the student can demonstrate a high level of practical skills.
And even though the jobs market is currently not at its best, an ad hoc survey of national recruitment web sites shows that there are still many vacancies for these professionals.
Of course, that begs the question of whether a student’s relative lack of experience is a barrier to employment.
Adam Hallsworth, a Course Advisor based at Pitman Training Manchester feels that it is not.

“Part of what we try to do is equip students with a skill level greater and more up to date than many experienced staff, so while experience is often attractive to employers, we frequently find our students being selected just on the basis of their practical skills. Of course, students with previous experience who are reskilling by taking, for example, a legal secretarial course or a medical secretarial course, will be in great demand. And those with double qualifications have two bites of the cherry.”

This opportunity to provide two nationally recognized qualifications for the price one is the result of the commonality between the various diplomas. Microsoft Office training plays a major part, forming the core of all the diploma programmes, as do touch typing courses. Therefore students can carry these skills across the various career types, whether legal, medical or the more broad-based PA role. Some even go on to become legal PA’s or medical PA’s, combining the functions of both roles.

Each of these career paths is regarded as high status and they can all be very well paid.
Shilpa Wymer again: “Our expectation is for our students to graduate and go into the cream of the jobs market and we train them to expect a real career on the back of their qualifications.”
“Pitman Training has been providing secretarial training for over 160 years, so there is a lot of kudos in having the name on one’s CV and having two Pitman Training diplomas certainly marks a student out as a motivated learner!”

For more information about studying for Pitman Training diplomas in London High Holborn, London Notting Hill or Central Manchester, visit

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