Ha! The power is all mine!

OK, so it’s going to my head a bit but I just got promoted to senior secretary – no that’s Senior Secretary!Executive Personal Assistant Training Courses

That means I have the pleasure of working for my boss plus the added responsibility of supervising Jenny on reception and Julie, the intern.

It all came about because my Pitman Training Secretarial Diploma just came through. It’s sort of a super secretarial training course for people who want to better themselves in their careers.

I don’t know how but I managed to get the firm to pay for it with all kinds of strings attached. For example, if I leave the company within a year from now, I have to pay them back the whole of the course fees. And I had to put one week of my annual leave into the course, which hurt a bit.

But on the plus side, they promised me promotion and true to their word, they did it today. Apart from the extra responsibility, I also got a pay rise (I’m not telling you how much)!

I’m really glad I studied for my diploma because now I can truly say that I am a qualified secretary. In fact, I’m the only one I know, so we must be quite rare beasts.

I had been doing well at work already but I was self-taught so my boss suggested looking for some kind of secretarial course to raise my game. I think she thought it wold only cost her a couple of hundred pounds, so it was just a casual idea.

I started researching on Google and there seemed to be a lot of options. I contacted half a dozen and a few came back to me. They were all different so it was quite hard to compare what they did.

In the end I chose Pitman Training. Even though they were the most expensive, they looked the best in terms of what the course covered. As well as that, they have a special way of teaching which means you don’t need a rigid timetable which suits me because I play badminton one night a week and I’ve also recently started seeing Steve, so I didn’t want to sacrifice my “social” life.

Not only that, but their Holborn training centre was on the way home from work so it was very convenient.

The course itself was amazing. I was a pretty good typist before but now I can manage 70 wpm with accuracy and do audio typing too. Before the course my English was a bit inconsistent to say the least (I am an Essex girl after all!) but now I’m really confident with my written communication.

And you wouldn’t believe what I can do with Word, Excel and PowerPoint! I wish there was a competition for Microsoft users because I reckon I’d be a contender.

On my secretarial course, you had to choose two subjects yourself to complete the diploma. This is so you can tailor the programme to your specific needs, or those of your employer. I think this is a brilliant idea and for one of them, I chose Meetings & Minutes as I’ve always found that quite a difficult part of my job. Now it’s no problem at all. A breeze, in fact.

It seems strange really, but I miss the training centre now I’ve graduated as I had got used to going there and made friends with the trainers, who were all really nice.

Luckily they’re having a students’ drinks night soon and they have promised to invite me. It will be good to see them.

When I graduated, they suggested I might top up my skills to an even higher level by taking an Executive PA course, but I think I’ve gone as far as I want to for the moment.

It’s time to see how it goes with Steve!

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