Helen Kirwan – Trainer for Pitman Training Manchester

HelenMy name is Helen Kirwan and I’ve been a trainer at Pitman Training Manchester for almost a year now. After living abroad in France and Australia for several years, my Business English training background has given me a great basis to assist our students. I love watching them progress and seeing their confidence grow with each Distinction gained.

Working as part of such a friendly tight-knit team at the Manchester centre is one of my favourite things about the job, and it’s always reassuring to have the constant support of the London centres too. There’s also the perk of getting to study all of the fantastic courses, and I’m really enjoying learning shorthand, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

In my short time at the company, I’ve already moved up to a full time position, taken on more responsibility and added a long list of qualifications to my CV. I’m looking forward to representing the Pitman brand for the next few years and helping our students move up the career ladder to better things.

It’s great to be able to help people take control and change their lives for the better. Get in touch and I will be happy to see what we can do for you!

020 7025 4700 – High Holborn Training Centre

020 7792 5214 – Notting Hill Training Centre

0161 923 6814 – Manchester Training Centre

Or Contact us by email: htinfo@pitman-training.net.

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