Holborn Training Launch 10 e-Learning Modules on Executive PA Course

Holborn Training, a leading provider of secretarial, Executive PA, touch typing and bookkeeping courses, has launched 10 e-Learning modules as elective subjects on its diploma level Pitman Training Executive PA course in London and Manchester.

The use of e-Learning marks a radical departure from the organisation’s traditional teaching model and is welcomed by staff and students alike.

Holborn Training Principal Shilpa Wymer says: “The addition of e-Learning modules will be attractive to a many of our students. First, we have a small coterie of students from the continent who fly in for the day and these new modules can be studied remotely, saving travel costs and study time, enabling them to earn their diplomas more quickly.

“Then there’s our more advanced students who want to position their diploma somewhere between our Executive PA course and an Executive Assistant programme. Our e-Learning modules lean more towards management training than our traditional centre-based programs, which means more experienced students can add more value to their employers.”

Whatever the motivation, students will welcome the 10 new e-Learning modules as they offer even more choice in building what is already a bespoke programme.

Course Advisor Ian Frater explains: “Our diploma level Executive PA course requires students to complete exams in 16 subjects, of which 12 are ‘core subjects’ while 4 are electives, which is to say they are chosen after careful consultation with the Course Advisor. While the most obvious choices of electives will always be our Meetings & Minutes seminar, Executive

PA seminar and SpeedWriting, the new e-Learning modules include:

•    Leadership Attributes & Skills,

•    Personalities, Profiles & Plans,

•    Communications In An Organisation,

•    Interpersonal Communications,

•    Managing Internal & External Workplace Communications,

•    Principles, Standards & Conventions Of Accounting,

•    Marketing Principles & Practices,

•    Marketing Mix,

•    Team Development.”

At the same time as broadening and elevating the choice and level of elective subjects, the use of e-Learning means that students can study when the company’s Pitman Training centres are closed.

Principal Wymer adds: “Even though we’re open 57.5 hours per week for students to attend, e-Learning modules can be studied at home which means they can complete an Executive PA course even more quickly than in the past, through even better use of time.

“The e-Learning modules are also very competitively priced at just £129.00 each to reflect their reduced demand for use of a training centre.

“We see this new Pitman Training initiative as an extremely positive move for our students and we expect to enrol exponentially more people onto an Executive PA course in the coming months as a result.”

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