How A Typing Course Accelerated My Career By Lesley Pryce.

If I was looking for a typing training course, I would definitely consider Pitman in London or Manchester as they have the practical skills related to learning that would most easily help a student find work.

The thing I liked about studying there was amount of tutor support I could rely on as I strove to master the keyboard as part of my administrative training.

The tutors’ experience and friendliness was great and they really helped me as hand-eye co-ordination has never been my strong point.

The Pitman Training centres in Notting Hill, Holborn and also the one in Manchester provide a qualification for both beginners and experienced typists and these are held in high regard by employers across London.

As I have a university degree in History and Political Science, I was a bit sniffy about learning to type but the administrative services department in which I was working insisted that such a programme would be important for me so I accepted their offer of investment in my skill set.

There is a financial implication in taking a professional typing course and realistically you are looking at spending around £320 in order to earn your certificate.

I looked at a number of typing courses, including some free ones but I made my choice of Pitman Training because of the flexibility.

You can genuinely study when you wish during their long opening hours and I believe that they now have some online programmes in this subject.

At the centre, I was surprised to see how many other professional types were learning a range of secretarial, administrative and bookkeeping skills and I was rather pleased to see that I wasn’t alone in taking a top-up to my education.

Taking a study course for typing requires a certain amount of commitment and determination from the student as learning to type properly or to improve your existing skills takes quite a lot of time and practice.

For example, when learning to touch type as a beginner, the course duration is typically 25 hours while developing your speed from 25 wpm to say 60 wpm is likely to take you 45 hours or more.

Of course the training will provide you with access to your preferred Pitman Training (Notting Hill, Holborn or Manchester) centre for up to 3 months, the course manual your final exam.

And when you consider that you will have a recognised qualification from a certified provider, it can only help your career to develop such a lifelong transferable skill.

Learning to type without looking at either the keyboard or my fingers has certainly freed me up at work and while I feel slightly guilty that my former employer paid for my personal development, I am pleased that my certificate helped me to get a much better paid job in junior management in business support for an international law firm.

My new role means I have to type reports myself but I also have an administrative assistant to do my audio transcription and secretarial duties.

It seems strange to think that even with my university education, it was a simple typing course that helped me accelerate my career development.

Thanks Pitman Training!

You can contact Pitman Training in Notting Hill, Holborn or Manchester by phone:

Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214

Holborn – 020 7025 4700

Manchester – 0161 923 6814

Or by email.

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