How PAYE Courses can Change your Life at Work

If you have decided to send yourself on one of the many PAYE training courses available then congratulations!

You may have made this decision because you want to re-train to change careers or you might have chosen to do so because you run your own business and want to bring the payment of people in-house, either way, it is an enriching and smart move.

Not only are you investing in your training and career but you are also going to open up your future options and, if you have your own business, save yourself money.

So what should you expect from payroll courses?

A good course will cover the basics of manual tax procedures which will mean that you can confidently tackle the Inland Revenue’s tables and forms and comply with their requirements for income tax and national insurance.

You should expect to encounter topics such as:
-    The legal aspect (date protection, minimum rates of pay and the implications of the asylum and immigration act)
-    The terms used (what PAYE means and the different tax codes used)
-    How to pay wages (everything from calculating wages to preparing wage slips and the importance of keeping records)

Often, the course will be structured in a self-taught method, which allows you to learn at your own pace under the guidance of your tutor. Alternatively, you can learn in a traditional classroom environment, which might be more suitable for those with time constraints.

Whatever your needs are, contact Pitman Training for the best in training and advice and who knows where this first step towards a richer career might take you.

Today PAYE, tomorrow an accounting diploma!

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