How To Use Social Media To Find A Job

Holborn Training Social MediaThe web is becoming an increasingly social place and more and more people are taking to social media sites to look for jobs. Online job hunting no longer revolves solely around recruitment websites – now 40 % of young professionals are actively sourcing new ways to find jobs, mainly through social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Due to its popularity and the lack of fees, employers are also taking to social media to post their vacancies, which is why it’s so important to make sure you know how to incorporate social media into your job search.

Your Online Profile

LinkedIn should be your starting point when it comes to social media job hunting. It’s a fantastic way to network and look for career opportunities, and importantly, companies look there to find new talent.

The first thing to do is to maximise your profile’s potential. Fill in your work experience, your skills, education and anything else you think is relevant, but don’t forget to keep it clear and professional.

Fill out your location and current job title. By doing this, you’ll receive notices from LinkedIn when jobs you might be interested in in your area become available.

Follow companies in your niche and those who you would like to work for, and check their career tab for the latest vacancies.

Show that you’re up to date with the latest trends by sharing relevant industry news onto your profile.

Twitter is just as useful as LinkedIn for job hunting, so if you’re not already on there, create a profile and get following influential people within your industry.

Don’t forget – social media sites can also ruin your chances of getting a job. Be careful of how you present yourself on Facebook and Twitter, and make sure you check your privacy settings, as you never know who could be typing your name into Google!

Searching For Jobs

Twitter’s search bar is an invaluable tool for job hunters as it gives you access to what everyone is tweeting, at any given time.

Save your job search keywords and check them regularly to make sure you stay ahead of the rest of the job seeking crowd, and don’t forget to use hash tags to target your niche.

Set up two accounts if you don’t want to mix your personal life with networking and job hunting.

What Next?

If you need a helping hand in your search and some added confidence to get out there and look for your dream job, you’ll love our “Go Get That Job” course, which has been designed to help you stand out from job seeking crowd.

For further job hunting help, why not check out our job hunting page and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest job vacancies.

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