How You Can Go Further With An Executive PA Course

Many people are attracted to the position of an executive PA because it has such a good reputation. It may well be what you choose if you want a business-oriented and well-paid secretarial position, which offers travel opportunities, is social and personal, and doesn’t require any specific qualifications. However, it’s that final caveat that can cause trouble both for working and would-be executive PAs. With unemployment skyrocketing in the UK it can be daunting to be already hard at work in an industry which doesn’t demand specific qualifications from new applicants, and those applicants would tell you it’s even more daunting to be applying for jobs and argue your worth without concrete evidence of your many marketable skills!

Whether you aspire to the prestige of an executive PA post, or even if you are already experienced, consider the peace of mind you would get from adding specific industry qualifications to your CV. Imagine how it would feel at interview to hand over a transcript of your secretarial diploma, along with your touch-typing qualification and receipts from shorthand training courses.

Even with years of experience, sometimes it can be difficult to rely on on-the-job training when a potential job is on the line. If you already have all the skills an executive PA needs, you shouldn’t have to work hard to prove yourself.  So why not let an accredited and reputable executive PA course do the work for you?

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