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Now You Need To Perfect Your Interview Skills!

Interview Tips

Interview Advice Tips

The interview stage signals being one step closer to employment, so you don’t want to blow your chances at the final hurdle.

By making sure you are fully prepared you will be setting yourself up for the best possible success.

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Our Top Ten Interview Tips


  1. Before you go – research, research, research! Today, most companies have a big online presence. Check out their website, and don’t forget their social media sites, so look them up on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn too. Find out their mission statement, what they do and who they are. Think about how your skills would fit in with the work they do.

  3.  Make sure you know where you’re going! It sounds like an obvious one, but the worst thing you can do is arrive late or turn up at the wrong location.

  5. Bring an extra copy of your CV in case your interviewer hasn’t had time to print one off.

  7. Make a great first impression. Greet your interviewer with a confident smile and a firm, but not too firm handshake.

  9. Make a list of talking points. There’s nothing worse than awkward silences during interviews, so make sure you think about what you’re going to say beforehand.

  11. Be prepared for the typical interview questions. “Tell us about yourself.” Use this as a chance to tell them what it is about you they need in their team. “What are you weaknesses?” Here you should mention a weakness you used to have and how you have managed to overcome it.

  13. Be ready to explain any career breaks or gaps in your CV.

  15. Don’t be negative or complain about your previous jobs or employers. Positivity is the key!

  17. Be enthusiastic! You can show this simply by being friendly and asking lots of questions about the job role and the company.

  19. Think of questions to ask the interviewer. At the end of an interview, you will normally be asked if you have any questions. It’s best to prepare some questions beforehand in case you can’t think of any on the spot. Don’t forget to ask when you should expect to hear back from them.

What Next?

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