Is SAGE Payroll Training for You?

Most business owners who employ a team of staff will either do their own staff wages or pay for an accountant to do wages for them.

Together, the owner (or manager) and accountant, would come up with amounts that need to be paid and distribute them. The manager would contact the accountant with hours that each staff member worked (if they were variable) and the accountant would calculate the wages owed, deducting tax and national insurance and then draw up wages slips.

Paying staff correctly is not only an ethical issue but a legal one too, and as such employers need to be careful to ensure that wages are handled correctly.

Business owners, who want peace of mind that wages are being properly, without the additional cost of getting an accountant involved or losing control, can learn about PAYE through a basic manual payroll course.

For those owners who have done the basics and want to build on their knowledge because they want to computerise staff wages, or for managers who have inherited a computerised system, this may not be enough; it is almost certain that they will need to enrol upon a SAGE payroll course.

It doesn’t have to be intimidating. A SAGE course is the natural next step up from a manual course and can save time in the long run.

What should you look for in a provider of SAGE payroll training?

The same things you need to look for in any training provider: a strong background in the field of which you wish to study, helpful customer services and qualified, experienced and approachable tutors.

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