IT Refit For Pitman Training Manchester.

Pitman Training in Manchester, best known for its diploma level legal secretarial course and nationally recognised bookkeeping courses has made a massive investment in the latest Dell servers and PC’s for its self-paced courses.

Managing Director Shilpa Wymer claims: “We only bought this centre last Christmas and hadn’t planned to replace the existing infrastructure but we have enjoyed a level of success here that means we have brought our investment programme forward – pretty unusual with the economy in a downturn!”

Course Advisor Adam Hallsworth confirms, “We have been delighted by the number of people enrolling, particularly on bookkeeping courses as well as those taking a legal secretarial course or Executive PA course, which would be more in line with expectations. The additional students enrolling meant that the old computers were getting worn out so I’m glad we’ve now got the absolute latest kit, running Microsoft Office 2010.”

The organisation chose high powered Dell PC’s and servers for their upgrade after a lengthy analysis.

Shilpa Wymer again: “We’ve been running Dell servers and desktops for 7 years in our London centres and always found both the kit and the on-site support service excellent but we kept an open mind for Manchester. Our IT support people suggested Acer while our CEO tested an HP machine which failed in the first few weeks after we bought it and he was really disappointed with their service.”
“In the end, Dell came up with the right blend of technology, service and financing so we were pleased to go with them again.”

The organisation’s investment in Dell computers extends to its Pitman London centres where the Notting Hill branch will get a complete infrastructure replacement in November and the huge High Holborn centre will follow suit in January.

“Our replacement programme was led by unexpectedly high levels of enrolments this year and also by the fact that our Pitman Training centres are a high end brand, demanding that we offer the latest and the best IT to our students.
We always strive to be the best!” adds Mrs Wymer.

Pitman Training Manchester can  be reached at or on 0161 923 6814.

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