It’s Not A Gym, It’s A Training Centre For Office Workers!

Office Gymost people who come visit Holborn Training’s Pitman centres in London and Manchester are surprised to hear that they are colleges with gym-like attendance patterns!

While the company offers over 80 different subjects for study, it is most famous for its Executive PA course, legal secretarial course and its bookkeeping courses, which can all lead to Pitman Training diploma qualifications.

But the clincher for most prospective students is that you can begin a course at any time and study at times that suit you, almost on a drop-in basis!

The training centres are open from 9:00 am and stay open till 8:00 pm and they’re also open on Saturdays.

Using technology, they have found a way to break with educational tradition to enable students to attend when it suits them. Attendance doesn’t even have to be regular and students can chop and change as they wish, hence the gym analogy.

This model is aimed at people who are between jobs and want to skill up fast before they recommence their careers, or people who are already working but can’t attend regular classroom sessions.

Managing Director Shilpa Wymer says: “We offer Pitman Training courses as they are the most practical for our business model and as they are the longest-established name in office skills training, their qualifications are nationally recognised, which makes them very valuable to students.”

The company operates centres in London’s Notting Hill and Holborn and in Central Manchester and even these offer a break with tradition. No fusty classrooms here! Instead, the centres are located in bright, modern office accommodation with easy access to public transport.

The idea is that students should learn in an environment that replicates that in which they will work once they have graduated.

Everyone is welcome to study and no prior qualifications are required for entry however the three centres combined can only cope with 2000 students per year, so there is a certain exclusivity about earning a Pitman Training diploma or certificate.

This exclusivity is reflected in the appeal such qualifications have for employers, who sometimes value them above experience.

Shilpa Wymer again: “There’s no doubt that our students sometimes win jobs when they’re up against more experienced candidates. And that holds true even during a recession.”

“In addition, while the Holborn Training brand is a mark of quality, it is the older Pitman name that has employers calling us with unadvertised jobs as they know how skilled our students can be and we’re delighted to put suitable students forward for these roles when they come up.”

The organisation has built up a team of friendly and knowledgeable trainers who all began as students. The beauty of this is that new enrolments can be confident that the knowledge they are gathering has already enabled their teachers to be successful in passing their Pitman Training exams.

Indeed, the firm has an enviable student success rate with over 80% of students passing their exams with either a standard pass or a distinction.

While students can study single subjects such as Sage Line 50, Excel or web design, most opt to take a diploma level programme and of those, the majority plump for an Executive PA course, legal secretarial course or bookkeeping course.

If timetable flexibility, high pass marks, nationally recognised qualifications and touch of exclusivity are important to you, why not check out Holborn Training?

You can learn more at or phone them on:

London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214

London Holborn – 020 7025 4700

Central Manchester – 0161 923 6814

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