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JavaScript Fundamentals Course

About Our Online JavaScript Fundamentals Course.

JavaScript Fundamentals CourseThis JavaScript Fundamentals course from Pitman Training will help you to fully explore how to design in-house, platform-independent solutions and gain an understanding of the most popular applications of JavaScript.

You’ll learn JavaScript language essentials including code development, writing programmes and script for the JavaScript object model, programme flow control, form validation, image animation, frame targeting and cookie creation.

This highly engaging course will teach you website implementation, authoring and scripting, content creation and web management.

On completion of this course, you will receive a Pitman Training Course Completion certificate.

The course, which takes the average student just 28 hours to complete costs only £250.00. You can sample this course, free at one of our training centres (see further down the page).

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JavaScript Fundamentals Course – Content.

Session 1: Introduction, Understanding Code Structure, Variables and Identifiers, Working with Functions.
Session 2: Controlling Program Flow, The JavaScript Object Model, More with JavaScript Objects, Form Objects.
Session 3: Cookies and JavaScript Security, Working with Frames in JavaScript, Working with AJAX, JavaScript Libraries, Custom Objects.
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