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Are you fed up of getting turned down for interviews?

Starting to lose confidence in yourself?

Don’t know where to start in your job hunt?

Looking for a new job can be really soul destroying and it doesn’t help that at the same time, there is a growing pool of candidates chasing a diminishing pool of vacancies.

That’s why you need a competitive advantage – something to make you stand out from the crowd.

For most people, there are two initial hurdles to overcome to gain that advantage – creating a strong enough CV to earn an invitation to interview and handling yourself during interviews when you get them.

We’ve partnered with The CV Store to make sure you can create the best possible CV to highlight your skills.

For a realistic fee, they will construct a CV that will really sell your strong points and maximise your chance of getting an interview.

Just ask your Course Advisor for our special code that will entitle you to get money off this fantastic CV writing service.

Having a well written CV is one of the first steps towards improving your career prospects. Click here for our top ten CV writing tips and our free 24 page CV writing guide. Some of the things we’ve included are how to write a cover letter, CV templates and examples of winning CV’s.

If you’re finding the jobs market tough and need some extra help to stand out from the crowd, as well as some fresh ideas to boost your job hunt, you’ll love our “Go Get That Job” course.

Designed to give you the edge in the jobs market, this course requires 10 hours of study time and will help you structure your CV, be more confident about what to say in an interview and will even give you places to look for vacancies.

This course is a popular elective subject for many of our Diploma programmes, as it provides them with the confidence and skills they need to enter the jobs market and be successful.

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Good luck with your job search!