Kim Middleton – Operations Manager for Pitman Training Manchester

KimMy name is Kim Middleton. I started working for Pitman Training back in 2009 as an Administrator. The element of the job I enjoyed the most was getting to meet new students, so I was delighted when I was offered the position of Trainer. Every day is completely different – it could be helping somebody with a Microsoft Office query, or helping them to understand elements of Bookkeeping – it certainly keeps you on your toes!

Now as Assistant Training Manager, my aim is to ensure my team are equipped to help students succeed with all their goals and get the most out of their courses. I feel incredibly fortunate to see our student’s right from the moment they sign up, to walking out with their certificates and a new qualification to their name. It’s great to know when they land that dream job that we have all played a part helping them towards it.

I see first-hand on a daily basis the impact of having our name on your CV – employers can see the high standard and commitment that a Pitman student has. Whenever I tell people what I do and that I work for Pitman, they instantly recognise the name and I’m proud to be a part of such a well-known and highly regarded training company.

It’s great to be able to help people take control and change their lives for the better. Get in touch and I will be happy to see what we can do for you!

020 7025 4700 – High Holborn Training Centre

020 7792 5214 – Notting Hill Training Centre

0161 923 6814 – Manchester Training Centre

Or Contact us by email:

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