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Learn To Understand Windows 7.


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Windows 7 Course

If you’re looking for a job in IT using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, it’s essential that you know how Windows 7 works.

This short online course will teach the basics of Windows 7, including starting Windows 7, understanding its parameters and how you can personalise Windows 7 so that it fits in with the way your business works.

Other areas covered include aero peek, jump lists, pinned items, homegroups as well as how the innovative networking system allows users to share music, video and personal data in a quick and secure way.

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Windows 7 Course Structure.

  • This is an online course which takes around 5 hours of self-paced study time to complete.
  • Full 24 hour online support is available if you get stuck or have any questions.

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Learning Windows 7 is often a popular elective choice in our IT Technical Diploma programmes.

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