Legal Secretarial Careers – Which sector is for me?

Legal CoursesLegal Secretaries play a key part in the running of any law firm and a career as a Legal Secretary can often mean an attractive salary and exciting day to day experiences.

Whilst a Legal Secretary’s tasks are similar to that of a general Secretary (typing, handling calls and emails, managing diaries), the role of the Legal Secretary differs as they are required to have specific knowledge of the particular Legal sector they are working in.

If you’re thinking about training to become a Legal Secretary and take a Legal Secretarial course, have you thought about which sector you would like to specialise in?

We’ve broken down 6 different areas of law to help you decide:


This is one for those interested in property, and involves the legalities of home buying and selling, as well as other areas of property such as mortgages. If your Legal Secretarial course incorporates this area of law, you can expect to be in demand by all types of organisations, from multi-nationals to estate agents to law firms.

Criminal Law

As you can imagine, this is an extremely popular area of law, and our Legal Secretarial courses that specialise in criminal law are always in high demand! Working in a criminal law department involves looking at social conduct and the welfare of the public, including the punishment of people who violate laws.

Family Law

If you decide the Family Law Legal Secretarial course is the one for you, you can expect to learn about the processes and procedures that have to be undertaken when dealing with issues such as divorce, child support, custody, adoption and child neglect. Whilst having good people skills is important in any Legal Secretarial role, it’s an essential attribute in Family Law as you are likely to dealing with people who are stressed and going through a tough time.

Civil Litigation

Working in Civil Litigation means dealing with a wide range of disputes, so no day will be the same! It’s a challenging sector of law and involves dealing with disputes from people that seek damages, rather than criminal punishment. Our Civil Litigation Legal Secretarial course will have you familiar with the key aspects in just 10 hours!

Company Law

Company Law is the perfect sector for those interested in business law and current trends. What paperwork is required to create a company? How do you report to Companies House? And what are the legalities involved in setting up and managing a limited company? These are just some of the questions that will be covered in our Company Law Legal Secretarial course.

Wills and Probate

Wills and Probate is a sensitive area of the legal profession, and involves dealing with wills, trusts, inheritance and property, amongst other things. Our Wills and Probate Legal Secretarial Course will teach you the procedures that need to be followed when preparing a Will, Grant of Probate, documents for the distribution of an Estate and codicils.

Still not sure which area of the Legal profession is for you?

Come in for a meeting with a Course Advisor to discuss your options, or browse our full range of Legal Secretarial courses, all recognised by CILEX, the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.

If you’re thinking of taking our diploma level Legal Secretarial course you can specialise in 3 legal modules if you like, leaving your options wide open for your future Legal Secretarial career!

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