Legal Secretaries – Ensuring Law Offices Run Smoothly

The legal secretary is one of the most important people in a legal office. It can be an extremely rewarding position, ensuring that an important legal office is always running smoothly. Like regular administrative assistants, legal secretaries’ daily duties include typing, filing, dictation and answering the phone. However, they also require skills and knowledge specific to the legal profession. These skills are learned during legal secretary training.

Legal secretaries are responsible for preparing and typing a variety of legal documents and keeping important legal records up to date. Legal secretaries are responsible for accurately typing documents dictated to them by lawyers and solicitors. Therefore, along with obtaining legal knowledge, shorthand training courses can be beneficial to legal secretaries. They should also be proficient with the use of computers, photocopiers, fax machines, relevant software and the internet.

Because legal secretaries are the responsible for the running of a law firm, they need to be highly organised individuals. They should have excellent administrational skills, preferably having completed a secretary or executive PA course. Legal secretaries will be responsible for liaising with clients, staff, lawyers, witness and even the police, so they should have excellent interpersonal skills, along with the legal knowledge needed to communicate effectively.

Becoming a legal secretary is perfect for people who enjoy the rewards a challenging career can bring. You will become a valued asset at a law firm, and feel confident that you are playing an integral part in the legal movement.

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