Legal Secretary Course To Diploma Level

The boom of wheelie bags thundering down High Holborn pulled by solicitors and their clerks may be a quintessential view of English law but most people give little thought to the paperwork and administrative processes that underpin the system.

The legal secretary is such an important part of a law firm that it’s no wonder they enjoy high salaries and elevated social status.

But there can be no denying that the road to becoming a qualified legal secretary merits such rewards.

How To Get There.

First of all, the successful candidate for such a job role must be intelligent, determined and hard working.

On top of that , they will have invested a considerable sum of money and much study time in recognised legal secretarial training.

Many feel the best recognised secretarial training in the UK is the Pitman Training diploma programme.

This is a comprehensive programme which can take up to one year part time where the student not only learns secretarial skills such as touch typing, audio typing and the Microsoft Office suite of programmes, but also how and when to use official forms and other types of documentation such as those required for conveyancing, wills and probate, family law, civil litigation, company law or criminal law.

These topics are preceded by a module entitled “The Legal Secretary – An Introduction,” where students learn about who does what in court, how the DX system works, standard legal documentation and more.

Much Sought After.

Those who graduate with a diploma are much sought after by employers and recruitment agencies.

Indeed, the Pitman Training centres in London’s Holborn and Notting Hill have files and files of success stories related to students who have quickly been hired into meaningful careers by all kinds of law firms, from the “Magic Circle” to smaller firms.

And many go to work in the legal departments of other prestigious organisations such as the United Nations, the General Medical Council and others.

Do You Need To Understand Law?

Often, people with a law degree will take a legal secretarial training as a means of getting into a law firm with the aim of proving their worth and transferring across into practising law.

From time to time people are successful in making the change but it is important to understand that in most cases, the role of the legal secretary is not to argue points of law but more to keep the administration of the department, firm or practising professional on an even keel.

The Jobs Market.

There can be no doubt that the recession of 2009 hurt the legal sector badly but feedback from Pitman Training centres around the country suggests that demand for their legal secretary course has picked up again and that law firms are now hiring, albeit with a slightly reduced demand compared with 2008.

None the less, the future looks good for anyone having completed a legal secretary course and having earned their diploma as in our increasingly litigious society, the admin burden that supports the practice of law is unlikely to reduce.

You can learn more about Pitman Training’s Legal Secretarial Diploma programme at

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