Legal Secretary Tanya Earns Promotion At Work!

Tanya put down the phone and danced round the office shrieking “Hooray”! I’ve got my legal secretarial diploma and it’s with a distinction!”
Steve’s heart sank.

The deal had always been that if she took a legal secretarial course and qualified with distinction, he’d promote her.
Got the Legal DiplomaThe problem was, he didn’t really like her. She was too girly for his taste and a bit too lively for his energy levels.
None the less, that was the deal. He’d agreed it with her two years ago when she begged him for a job as a receptionist at the firm and to be fair, she’d been a good little worker.
And to cap it all off, Steve’s regular secretary had gone off on maternity leave the previous week.

Steve was Head of Conveyancing at a large property company with a dotted line to HR. Unluckily for him, Tanya had chosen conveyancing as one of the elective subjects on her Pitman Training Legal Secretarial Diploma programme, along with Wills & Probate, so while she’d never be a legal eagle, her admin knowledge was probably now more up to date than his.

“When can I start my new role, Steve?” she asked him immediately
Cornered, Steve caved in: “Let’s start you tomorrow. I’ll get Helen to draft your new contract of employment this afternoon. Congratulations on your promotion.”
The next day, Steve was quite surprised at how quickly Tanya took to the new role and apart from a few rookie mistakes here and there, he had to admit she was pretty good.
She could type as fast as the wind with terrific accuracy and she was totally unfazed when he asked her to catch up on a backlog of audio typing he’d dictated over the previous few days,

That was when Steve first got a really positive surprise. Tanya has typed up a number of documents in draft, some lease amendments, things like that but the layout of the documents looked really good, They looked more professional than they had when typed by his previous secretary.

The next day, there was a management meeting and about an hour before it started, Tanya gave Steve all the data and documents he would need. Then she asked whether the bosses needed someone to take the minutes of the meeting as she had also learned this skill on her legal secretarial course.
Steve was a bit nervous about this because he didn’t know whether she was up to it and also because he wasn’t sure the management would welcome a junior member of staff to their confidential meeting.
Steve ran it past the MD who said “Let’s give her a try.”
Normally, the management took it in turns to take minutes at the meetings so this was a bit different.

It was a couple of days after the management meeting when Tanya circulated the minutes for approval and amendment that people really started to notice the quality of her work.
Steve’s boss, the MD, was super impressed and invited Tanya in for a chat.
“Tanya, you’re a different girl since you got you qualification. What else did they teach you at that training centre/”
Tanya explained that she had learnt so many practical skills such as touch typing, the admin technicalities of conveyancing and wills & probate as well as very advanced Word skills. She mentioned that her Pitman Training diploma was one of the best recognised legal secretarial courses in the UK and that Pitman Training was the best recognised name in secretarial courses.

The MD was fascinated and when she told him how much money she had invested in her studies, he made a surprising gesture.
“OK. I really respect the fact that you’ve worked so hard and put in so much effort. I’m going to award you £1500.00 of our training budget towards your course fees.”
And with that he wrote out a cheque!
Tanya thought she was going to cry, but she held it together. As she got up to leave, the MD said:
“Just one more thing. Do you know whether Pitman Training does anything in the way of PA training? Listening to you, maybe it’s time we helped my Sally to update her skills.”
“I’ll have them call Sally directly,” Tanya replied, “If you’ll warm her up for the phone call!”
The Pitman Training Legal Secretary Diploma is the best known legal secretarial course in the UK, covering 13 exciting subjects in a year or less.

You can learn more about it at

020 7025 4700 – High Holborn Training Centre

020 7792 5214 – Notting Hill Training Centre

0161 923 6814 – Manchester Training Centre

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