London’s Recovery Will Spark Increase In Continentals Seeking Secretarial Course

News that London is spearheading the UK’s economic recovery will likely see an influx of people from the EU hoping to make their way in the national’s capital, according to Shilpa Wymer, Principal of the Pitman Training Centres in London’s Notting Hill, Holborn and also Central Manchester.

“While Britain was in a double-dip recession, “she claims, “there was little incentive for people overseas to come to London as they would have been no better off than staying at home. But with the latest good news about growth in London, we’re expecting to see a surge in applications from France, where the tax system is forcing people out, and from Spain, Portugal and Greece, where the recession seems to have taken root.”

Mrs Wymer, whose company, Holborn Training Ltd, is a leading Pitman Training franchisee, explains that before the recession, her company used to welcome over 60% of its students from overseas. During recent times, that figure has fallen by some 5% but enquiries from potential students on the Continent have surged by 12% in the past week..

She adds: “If we are coming into an economic recovery, London will once again become the destination of choice for anyone who can afford to come here. After all, everyone wants to come to London and if it delivers a better quality of life than one’s own home nation, it’s a no-brainer.”

Holborn Training has an admirable record of overseas students finding high status, well-paid jobs on the back of their Pitman Training secretarial course and the company has created a learning experience that is particularly suited to the needs of people newly arrived in the UK.

The company allows students to start courses at any time and there is no waiting for term to start, which is important to new arrivals who want to embark on their new lives without delay.

In addition, students can attend at hours to suit them during the daytime, evenings or Saturdays, on a drop-in basis. This tends to suit overseas students as many have to take jobs with unsocial hours or non-specific shift patterns to establish themselves in London or Manchester.

“At first,” according to Mrs Wymer, “when you arrive in London, you have to take whatever job you can find, so our flexible training style enables you to work while you take a secretarial course, bookkeeping course, or even better, an Executive PA course.”

“The great thing is, continues Mrs Wymer, “our training methodology enables you to study as quickly or as slowly as you wish, so you can develop your English comprehension at a rate that is comfortable for you. If you need to revisit a lesson multiple times or require the intervention of one of our lovely trainers, it’s no problem.”

Nearly all of Mrs Wymer’s training team came from overseas to study at her Pitman Training Centres so they can easily advise and guide students in getting the best from their studies, as well as advising on the finer points of living in the UK, which is a great comfort for newly enrolled students.

“We’re lucky in that we can only offer places to a maximum of 1500 students per year, so we can get to know them on a personal level and we do our best to ensure they have a safe and enjoyable time while they’re with us.”

At the end of their studies, Mrs Wymer claims students have a high success rate in finding good quality employment. A lot of this success seems due to the number of unadvertised jobs that are placed with the centres, seemingly on the back of the Pitman Training reputation for being the first choice for a diploma level secretarial course.

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