Make 2012 the Best Year for Your Career

It happens to the best of us – a career slump. But wallowing in self-doubt with a “can’t do” attitude isn’t going to get you anywhere! Sometimes we all need a little motivation, which is why our courses are designed to fit into your life as seamlessly as possible. Did you know it’s almost impossible to get government funding to complete a second BA (hons) degree? It’s that kind of barrier that’s holding lots of professionals back in terms of career progression.

Let’s say you’ve spent the last few years in a “temporary” accounts assistant role. Perhaps your degree is in something creative and academically promising, but life just hasn’t worked out that way and now you feel as if you’re in some kind of career limbo. 2012 is the year to make progression happen! Along with our exceptional range of executive PA courses and soft skills taught classes, we offer a superb variety of accounting diplomas and career development self-directed study courses designed to build on the skills you’ve already developed in your current role.

The line between a job that pays the bills and a career is all about motivation and skill development. We believe there’s no such thing as a dead-end administration job. Every position can be used to build an exceptional skill set. Learn touch typing, complete a SAGE course, study as a legal secretary, focus your talent for bookkeeping – there is always a way to rise through the ranks, so make 2012 the best year foryour career.

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