Mariola Krause – Course advisor for Pitman Training High Holborn

Mariola KrauseMy name is Mariola Krause and I am one of the course advisors at Pitman Training High Holborn.

My life changing journey with Pitman started over a year ago, I was working in a restaurant and did not like it in slightest- long working hours, physically exhausting with no career prospects!

I had decided to change my life and find my dream job, I knew that in order to do that I had to gain new skills, I began my search for office skills training and found Pitman Training.
The day when I signed up for my Executive PA Diploma was literally life transforming!

I learnt skills for life, from touch typing through Microsoft Office to Book-keeping and much more. The support and guidance I received was priceless and I enjoyed every moment in the centre.
After 4 months, when I nearly finished my Diploma, I was approached by the centre manager and asked if I would consider working for Pitman as a Trainer!

I could not believe my luck! Working with a brilliant team, learning something new every day in a very professional environment.

After only 6 months, a new opportunity arrived for me within the company and I become a Course Advisor. I could not wish for a better job. I finally love what I am doing.

Every day is different; I am meeting people from all around the world and helping them to change their career and therefore their life.

Our courses provide you with the essential skills to start a career with complete confidence.

I did it, you can too!

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