Medical Secretary – A Career With Helping People At Its Heart.

Medical SecretaryMost of us, when visiting the doctor or visiting a hospital, don’t realise how much paperwork goes on behind the scenes and therefore how much weight rests on the shoulders of the medical secretary.
Without these highly organised professionals, the whole healthcare system, both public and private, would probably grind to a halt.
But who are these quiet movers and shakers?
Well, a good example would be Jane Dread. Thirty plus years as a hospital physiotherapist convinced Jane there must be a less exhausting way of making a living, which is why she decided to study to be a medical secretary at Pitman Training London (High Holborn).

Jane didn’t want to throw away her medical experience so she chose to study their diploma level medical secretarial course.
But not everyone has a medical background and most people entering the medical secretarial profession start out with minimal knowledge, relying on organisations like Pitman Training in London and Manchester to provide them with all the necessary skills from scratch.
These skills will include the ability to touch type at up to 70 words per minute; to use a transcribe for both general and medical audio typing; to take the minutes at meetings ; to use the whole of the Microsoft Office suite to the highest levels and to know how to use and understand medical terminology. After all, you don’t want to make mistakes with patients’ health!
But while medical secretaries can work in a narrow specialism, many, such as those working in health centres and GP’s surgeries are required to deliver all round skills.
So they may find themselves having to find a plumber, writing referral letters to hospitals, dealing face to face with patients and ordering both office and medical supplies while fielding phone calls for the doctors.

It can be a highly stressful role!
While the Pitman Training Medical Secretarial Diploma can’t help with the stress, it will give aspiring medical secretaries the practical skills to deal with most of the events that will crop up during their working day.
And because it is recognised, by AMSPAR, the Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Managers, Administrators and Receptionists, it is very much regarded as a high quality qualification.

The Pitman approach to medical secretary training is unusual in that it has been designed to be as convenient as possible for students to earn their qualifications.
Learners can start the programme at any time as the organisation doesn’t operate traditional academic terms and the teaching is provided on a drop-in basis so students can attend during the day, in the evenings, on Saturdays or a mixture of any of these.

It takes up to a year to qualify as a medical secretary however the more hours the student puts in, the more quickly they’ll graduate. And if someone has some existing skills, experience or qualifications of a high enough standard, they may qualify for exemptions from those parts of the programme, reducing the amount of study time required as well as the course fees.
Fees are calculated at a meeting with a professional Course Advisor who will test the potential student for exemptions and also recommend the relevant “elective” modules required to complete the course.

Elective subjects are where the examining body stipulates that a certain number of course modules must be completed but they leave the choice of those modules to the student.
Exams are taken for each module in the diploma programme, with certificates being awarded for each one on passing, until all are passed, when the diploma is awarded.
It’s a long but rewarding road leading to an office based career with helping people at its heart.
This diploma programme along with a range of other secretarial courses, can be studied at Pitman Training in London’s Notting Hill or Holborn, and also in Croydon.

The training centres can be contacted at:

020 7025 4700 – High Holborn Training Centre

020 7792 5214 – Notting Hill Training Centre

0161 923 6814 – Manchester Training Centre

Or Contact us by email.

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