Medical Secretary Claims Boss Is “Most Intelligent Person.”

Medical SecretaryMy boss is the most intelligent person I’ve ever met but he’s able to apply the “common touch” as well, thank goodness, so at least I can understand what he’s on about!

He’s a world-famous eye surgeon and I find it really inspiring to work with him as his medical secretary.

He’s a dream to organise. A couple of days a week he performs operations in a London teaching hospital, he spends a good bit of time carrying out procedures in his private practice and of course he does charitable work. It’s not unusual for me to book him a flight to an under-developed country where he likes to operate what he calls “the cataract conveyor belt.”

I was so lucky to get this job!

I had always worked as an admin assistant for the NHS and one day, out of the blue, I decided to train to be a medical secretary.

I literally went down to Pitman Training in Notting Hill, got out my credit card and enrolled on a diploma level medical secretarial course, which took me a year to complete.

I’m not slow in coming forward so I made sure everyone in the training centre knew how ambitious I am, so it was fortuitous that the owner of the centre was having his cataracts removed by the man who would become my boss.

The boss likes to chat to the patients while he’s working, to relax them a bit (that ability to apply the common touch again), and when he asked the Pitman guy what he did for work and found out that they were famous for their medical secretarial course, the link was made.

I only had one interview and I was hired!

My boss’ old secretary had retired after 15 years’ service, so he was amazed when he heard about all the skills I could bring to the table. While he had held her in high regard, my skills were so cutting edge he thought we’d make a dynamic duo!

He liked my style in managing his office and was stunned by my typing speed! A big user of a Dictaphone, he had been used to waiting a day or two for his communications to be turned around. I was able to get them to him the same day.

Although part of my studies has included a medical terminology course, his former secretary had been stronger at this than me because of her experience. My knowledge was more broadly based than just ophthalmology but I soon got the hang of it and now I’m pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Going back to organising the boss, I found two aspects of my medical secretarial course particularly useful. These are a one-day seminar called “The Executive PA Course,” and a self-paced programme on Microsoft Outlook.

The former was good because I have a tendency to be a bit aggressive and it taught me to assert myself with my boss, rather than bullying him or becoming defensive. So I’m much better at bossing him around without him realising he’s being bossed!

And when it comes to outlook for dairy management, not many people are as skilled at using it as me. I’m a whizz!

Of course, the boss doesn’t know how to use it properly so once again, he’s amazed at how switched on I appear to be!

He intends to retire in about 7 years and I’d like to stay with him till that point. I’ll probably retire too, if my husband can afford to support me, as I just can’t imagine ever working for someone else ever again.

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