Meet the team – Kim Middleton

                                          What is a typical day like in your job?


Kim is Training and Operations Manager at Pitman Training in London and Manchester.

I currently work across our four training centres, splitting my time between London and Manchester.  I will attend meetings with different departments in the company, and auction tasks that apply to the training team.

I work directly with the Training Managers in each centre to ensure things are running smoothly, as well as dealing with any IT issues and answering queries from students that have been escalated to me.  It’s really important that our trainers have a thorough knowledge of all the courses we offer, as well as an outstanding customer service, so I will also develop training for the team to ensure we meet the high standards our students are used to.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The best thing about working in a training environment is seeing different people progress.

We have some students who might be really experienced in using a PC, whereas others will be just learning all the main functions.

I enjoy speaking to students on a daily basis about how their course is helping them get closer to achieving their career goals – we’re there when they land a new job, earn a promotion or build their confidence, and it feels great to play a part in that.

What courses do students study at Pitman Training?

Well, we have a really broad range of courses and diplomas!

Diplomas are longer and career focused, teaching students key practical skills they will need for their desired career. The most popular diploma is definitely the Executive PA, where students begin by learning how to type properly, as well as using the Microsoft Office suite.

You will also study skill specific subjects such as Effective Business Communication, Audio Transcription and can take options such as Teeline which students find sets them apart from other candidates.

We have just launched an exciting new set of Social Media for Business courses, which are designed to teach students how to use the various Social Media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc) to grow their business.

We also offer training in bookkeeping, medical and legal secretarial, as well as our in demand expert led seminars.

How can you get a job in admin or the secretarial field?

In the current climate, looking for a job is not easy.  However, every week I hear about students who have got a new job or received a promotion, so it is possible!

A lot of students find the new skills they gained from their course are what have given them the edge over rival candidates.  We also have a selection of students who volunteer alongside their training, which sets them in excellent stead to go on and find their dream job.

I also encourage students to get more creative with the job hunt, such as using social networks to make valuable contacts and hunt for the latest positions.  Sometimes jobs opportunities come when you least expect it, so it is worth being open minded.

Finally, a stand out CV is essential – we have some students who are fantastic in reality but just don’t stand out on paper.


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