My iPad Is Killing My Typing!

I got an iPad a few months ago and I love it!

It’s easy to use and very easy to carry as it’s so light! Much more convenient than my old dinosaur of a laptop. And it fits neatly onto the table of the train that I take to get to my office in Manchester.

But when I get back to base, I have a real problem. I can’t type properly any more!

I spent months taking typing courses and learning to type properly, without looking and my fingers always in the right place and before I bought the iPad I could type accurately at 65 wpm.

But the hunt and pick style of the iPad is ruining my technique, so I’m now in a quandary over whether the iPad’s convenience is giving me greater productivity than my PC related typing ability.

Do I deliver more, work faster and better on a laptop or is the new, much cooler device better because it’s so easy to use? Has anyone measured it with a stopwatch?

I have a colleague who can actually use her iPad to take the minutes at meetings, so she’s pretty quick at typing on the screen, but I just can’t get the feel of the virtual keyboard.

I need that springy feel to enable me to know where I am.

I know you can plug in a regular keyboard to the device but for some reason I can’t fathom out, I’m resistant to the idea. It almost feels like it defeats the purpose of having an iPad.

Maybe I’m just going to have to bite the bullet and start lugging around a keyboard with me. Shame though, because a normal keyboard won’t fit on the little train table and I hate those folding ones. I always break them.

Although I can’t really afford to buy another machine, I looked at those other tablets that are on the market but they seem a bit odd, sort of neither one thing nor the other.

If I have to go back to a normal laptop I’ll miss my iPad. So let’s wait and see.

Sally Buckett – Sales Manager

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