Need For Multi-Lingual Secs And PA’s On The Rise

Bi Language AppointmentsI suppose we should have seen it coming. The minute the economy showed signs of coming back to life, London’s jobs market cracked open. We’re back in business!

What does that mean in practical terms?

Well, one of the first uplifts we’ve seen is in the demand for multi-lingual secretaries and PA’s.

Agencies like Appointments Bi-Language are posting loads of new jobs for French and German speakers able to support senior executives in the quest for global business growth.

One of the challenges for recruiters is that they can find lots of candidates with languages but no office skills and lots with office skills but no languages – but not both.

It is clearly easier to develop secretarial skills than to become truly fluent in a foreign language and this situation should prove a boon for the hundreds of thousands of non-Brits now living in the capital.

For those aiming to take the top jobs with the highest salaries, most people would recommend the newer arrivals should take a diploma level Executive PA course or legal secretarial course with Pitman Training in Holborn or Notting Hill, as these programmes quickly equip ambitious people with the whole range of skills necessary to embark on such careers. This training provider even offers a seminar which explains how to “boss your boss,” in a UK cultural context.

Should the Executive PA course or legal secretarial course be too expensive or time-consuming, it is still worth considering Pitman’s general secretarial course or even their receptionist diploma to get your foot on the career ladder.

When a student’s business English is not quite up to the required standard, Pitman also offers an ESOL business English course to complete the training package.

For indigenous Brits, the opportunities are equally open. Language graduates who have bolted on some in-depth business language modules and preferably have worked in a bi-lingual office role simply need to make sure their typing speed, MS Office skills and organisational skills are of the highest level. If in doubt, again, contact Pitman Training who will provide a free skills assessment plus advice and guidance on how to get into a multi-lingual career.

Any way you look at it, this is a great time for ambitious people to be living in London, with a booming jobs market and a bustling confidence as the economy continues to recover.

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