New products give Pitman Training franchisees a competitive advantage.

Event ManagementWhen it comes to new product development, Pitman Training franchisees have a real competitive advantage over other training providers.

The firm has an in-house product development team constantly working on updating existing courses and developing new ones.

A case in point is the new Events Management Diploma, which is a welcome addition to their range of Executive PA courses.

This programme has been a year in the planning and reflects the needs of the PA jobs market.

Unlike other providers, Pitman lessons are pre-recorded, so updates and new product launches are much more involved than for less well-known organisations, involving professional voiceover artists as well as changes to printed materials.

Shilpa Wymer, who operates franchises in London’s Notting Hill & Holborn and Manchester comments, “I really respect the NPD team. They always turn out the highest quality work, time after time and that’s not easy.”

Shilpa continues: “I used to run a company where we conceived and wrote all our own material, which was exhausting. That’s why I bought a franchise. I didn’t want the strain of creating and updating courses. This way, we can be confident in having the best offerings ahead of our rivals without having to write the courses ourselves.”

Another aspect of the Pitman Training franchise is the ability for franchisees to match their offerings to the needs of the local markets they serve.

Shilpa Wymer again: “Our job is to change lives and build futures, for self-funded individuals and people working for corporates and as we operate in big city centres, our range of courses matches the demands of the jobs market. For that reason, our most popular offerings are diploma qualifications. You can identify these as:

The extremely wide range of Pitman Training programmes enables franchisees to pick and mix the products that are right for their local markets.”

Corporate Training buyers also gain comfort from the fact that the Pitman name has been at the forefront of training since the 1800’s. The name is so well respected one could almost claim “No-one ever got fired for buying Pitman Training!”

Again, it is the consistently high product quality that enables corporate buyers to have confidence in the brand.

This quality includes developing material that pushes the student to perform increasingly difficult, practical exercises. It is this practicality which is so easily deployed in the workplace that really delivers the return on training investment.

From the point of view of a franchisee, the removal of the new product development piece means they can concentrate on the operational efficiency of their businesses, some of which have turnover in the millions of pounds.

Such businesses are perceived as having more strength and resilience, particularly in recessionary markets, than independent training organisations and this is another reason the Pitman brand is so well trusted by consumers and corporates alike.

It’s a different approach to training that really seems to work.

Shilpa Wymer is so convinced, she invites anyone interested in training to visit one of her centres to sample some course modules, free!

To arrange your visit, go to or call:

London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214

London Holborn – 020 7025 4700

Manchester – 0161 923 6814

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