Newcomers To The UK Enjoy Career Success Through Pitman Training.

People coming to Britain to start new careers often have very high expectations.Accounting Technician Courses
That’s a good thing, as long as they can “keep the faith” while they work their way into the UK employment system.
It can be a long slog and newcomers quickly find that the streets of the big cities like London and Manchester are not paved with gold, at least not at first, anyway!
Many highly educated and experienced career professionals find they have to take quite lowly jobs just to get a foot on the jobs ladder.
Frequently they need to take training courses to develop new skills to make them more attractive to employers and a leading provider of vocational training welcoming resident (ie not requiring a student visa) newcomers is Holborn Training, which operates nationally recognised Pitman Training centres in London’s Notting Hill and Holborn, and Manchester.

Principal Shilpa Wymer claims that some 64% of her students are from overseas and the subjects that are getting them into the best paid jobs include diploma level executive pa courses, legal secretarial courses and the top bookkeeping course, the Accounting Technician diploma.

“Our programmes in these areas directly match the needs of the jobs market,” claims Mrs Wymer, “and even though the economy remains tough, our students are still getting well-paid, high status jobs, even when English is not their first language.”
Of course, studying for prestigious careers will never be easy, even for indigenous Brits, so the Pitman Training method allows students to start a course at any time and study daytimes, evenings, Saturdays or a mixture of these, on a drop-in basis, in recognition of the fact that many of their students work in jobs with unpredictable shifts.
Another important aspect of their approach is that they allow students to pay for their studies in instalments, so they can spread the financial load while they qualify.
But why do employers seek out someone who has taken, for example, an executive pa course by Pitman Training?

Shilpa Wymer again: “It’s because our courses are extremely practical rather than academic, so students leave us actually being able to do the job that is described on their diploma certificates. For example, they’ll type accurately at top speed, know how to manage a difficult boss and use Microsoft Office to a level most people don’t even know is possible.”
“It’s the same with our diploma level legal secretarial course,” Continues Mrs Wymer, “where they’ll also learn all the etiquette and administration procedures required by solicitors and barristers.”

“And when it comes to our Accounting Technician Diploma, I don’t think there’s a bookkeeping course anywhere that can match it for practicality. If you’re interested in accountancy and figure work, it gives students great leverage in to the world of work.”
Of course any potential newcomer to the UK will ask two questions before committing to a course:
• I have no experience. Will your training really make me employable?
• Are my English language skills good enough?

To answer the first question, Mrs Wymer lets her students do the talking. Riccardo, who studied for his Accounting Technician Diploma says:
“When I joined the course, I was unemployed but after a while I found the job that I was learning for.”

Student Rae adds:
“Just 5 months on from studying with Pitman I landed my dream job working as a PA for a prestigious Law firm based in the City.”

The second question is probably best answered by Polish student Agnes, who has enjoyed rapid promotion in her career in bookkeeping:
“Naturally I was a bit nervous when I started. After all, it had been a while since I had studied and English is not my first language, but within hours I remembered how exciting it feels to be learning and I felt energised. And as the tuition is in such clear English, I could sense my language skills developing too.”

So on balance, the approach of the Pitman Training centres in London’s Notting Hill and Holborn and also in Manchester seems to work for students new to the country.
People interested in finding out more have nothing to lose and a lot to gain from a free consultation with one of the organisation’s Course Advisors and even a free sample of one of the course modules!

They can be contacted at:
London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214
London – Holborn – 020 7025 4700
Manchester – 0161 923 6814
Or visit their web site at

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