No Rest For Santa’s Bookkeeper

Business SantaThe elves were snoring, the reindeer enjoying their fodder and the big man himself, Santa, was soaking his feet in a bowl of hot water.

It was the day after Boxing Day and while everyone else had completed their work for the year, mine had just begun.

I’m Santa’s bookkeeper and it’s my job to get all the paperwork ready for the external accountants to prepare the annual financial statements including a balance sheet and profit & loss account.
Last summer, Santa sent me on a bookkeeping course at Pitman Training in Manchester where I qualified as an Accounting Technician.

Although I was sold the idea of a bookkeeping course as a sort of reward, I have a feeling it was a punishment as I had made a number of silly errors the year before that had cost Santa quite a lot of money.

Prior to my Accounting Technician diploma course, I was a self-taught Sage Line 50 user and I had mistakenly left off some transactions on the system twice, which resulted in us being sued for non-payment by one of the major toy manufacturers. Very embarrassing, not just for Santa who is proud of his image, but also for me, professionally.

I’ve been working for Santa for 15 years, so I should have known better and he could have given me the sack but he’s not that kind of guy, preferring to send me on a bookkeeping course instead.
In my defence, the global population is growing like topsy and with so many more children to deliver toys to, I was struggling to keep up with the workload.

Santa chose Pitman Training in Manchester for two main reasons. The first was the way they could structure my programme so I could complete it in 3 months and the second was that it wouldn’t be too hot for me there. Us North Pole residents are just not comfortable in the heat.

My course was very interesting, especially as I am an experienced bookkeeper who needed a skills update.

They took me right back to basics with a number of manual bookkeeping courses which exposed some weaknesses in my knowledge and introduced me to more modern practises.

Then they put me on a Sage Line 50 course and that was a real eye opener. I had no idea it could do so many things and I immediately picked up a bucket load of things that would enable me to work faster and more accurately, saving me time.

A lot of people think the elves make all the toys themselves but with all the kids in the world, we have to buy some in from manufacturers, so I found the section on purchase ledger very valuable.

And speaking of the elves, part of my course involved payroll training, including Sage payroll, so now I have everyone’s tax codes in place and there are many fewer wages enquiries at the end of the month.

I also took an advanced Excel course which has been invaluable in creating cash flow and product mix forecasts.

So as I said, while everyone else at the North Pole is now able to relax, I’m starting to pull together a trial balance prior to generating end of year management accounts.
It’s enough to make your slippers curl!

To find out more about studying a Pitman Training bookkeeping course in Manchester or London, visit or call them:
Manchester – 0161 923 6814
London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214
London Holborn – 020 7025 4700

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