Not Going To Uni? Try A Pitman Training Bookkeeping Course

I feel really sorry for her.

My daughter, Sally, isn’t going to university, having been unsuccessful in clearing and having under-achieved in her A-levels.

But now our tears are drying and the shock is beginning to wear off, we’re taking practical steps to help her into a worthwhile career.

Being reasonable at maths and business studies, we thought accountancy would be a sensible career choice but to be honest, at the moment we can’t afford to send her on a training programme lasting several years.

So we researched similar subjects and looked at the jobs market and decided it would be realistic for her to train as a qualified bookkeeper.

Even here, there was a bewildering array of courses on offer, the most common seeming to be something called AAT, which is offered by lots of colleges and independent providers.  In fact, it is offered by so many institutions that it’s hard to work out which is the most credible.

Then my wife spotted a name on Google that was familiar to her from years ago. It was Pitman Training in London’s High Holborn, one of the oldest names in vocational education and my wife recognised them as a long-standing and trustworthy name.

We gave them a call and they immediately invited us in for a friendly chat about what could be achieved for my daughter.

We had already researched the jobs market so we knew that a Sage Line 50 course was on the cards, but we were amazed when we met with them and saw the range of bookkeeping courses available to us.

The Course Advisor strongly recommended the Pitman Training Accounting Technician Diploma because it is so comprehensive but Sally felt a bit overwhelmed by the size of the qualification, so the Advisor suggested that she should start with their Foundation In Bookkeeping course, saying she could upgrade to Accounting Technician later if she wanted to.

This was all new to me as I had no idea you could upgrade your studies from one level to another!

Although Sally has up to a year to complete her bookkeeping course, the Advisor calculated that she should be able to graduate in 8-10 weeks, if she studies full-time.

I’m not sure Sally has the dedication, so we’ll see how long it takes her.

Her Foundation In Bookkeeping Diploma will include a Sage Line 50 course, so I’m happy about that as it seems to be really practical if getting a job as a bookkeeper is your aim.

She will also learn a little bit about payroll and VAT during the course.

My main concern, as she is not going to get a degree, was whether she will be able to get a job on the back of her bookkeeping studies but the Course Advisor seemed cautiously optimistic that she would.

He explained that it is tough out there for young people at the moment but that Sally’s qualification would be the next best thing to experience and I think that’s the best you can hope for.

I really liked the way they teach at Pitman, too, as the onus is on the student to complete increasingly challenging tasks with the trainers “on-tap” when they’re needed, rather than lecturing at the front of the class. Not being very numerate myself, I think accountancy lectures would be awfully dull!

So I’ve paid the fee (actually a bit less than I was expecting) and Sally is due to start on Tuesday, so we’re all excited and motivated again after the disappointment of not going to uni.
And who knows? Maybe this is a better way to get started on a career.

I’ll keep you posted.

Proud Dad.

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