I’m Not Going To Uni And I Don’t Care!

I dreamt all my life about going to university, the studying, the partying and finally, the glittering career.

Now it’s not going to happen. Dad lost his job last year so my meal ticket went down the tubes.

OK. Tears dried. Got to get on with it. Saw an advert for Holborn Training in The Metro and contacted them.

Went for an interview and it was great apart from me starting to cry, “I’m not going to uni!” The young woman who looked after me was fantastic and quickly remotivated me. She reckons that for far less money than getting a degree at uni, I can train for a top career in an office. It sounds too good to be true but she showed me lots of information about people who’d made it – people like me!
We planned out my future together. First I was going to earn a Pitman qualification through them, then get myself a job as a top PA and save up until I could put myself through university rather than relying on poor old dad. She was so confident that I became confident, too.

So, next week, I shall have to get my lazy, 18-year old backside out of bed and start turning up for my course. As I live in South East London, I haven’t decided yet whether to go to their Croydon or Holborn training centres. Their Notting Hill one, which I would have like to attend for reasons of “coolness,” is just too far for me.
Apparently they’re going to start me off teaching me to type properly without looking and improve my business English (which I think is a bit of a cheek!) and help to use Word properly (I thought I already did but apparently not).

Anyway, they reckon if I bash through this course I can graduate in about 6 months and start earning some loot, which would be quite welcome. So where I would have been impoverished as a degree student, I’m hoping instead to be rolling in it.

Bottom line? I’m not going to uni and I don’t care!

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