PA Skills Can Be Learned Says Expert

A real Personal Assistant is someone very special. Multi-skilled, multi-talented and an effortless multi-tasker, the real PA is someone who can work with the highest levels of decision-makers in an organisation.

All this begs the question, can anyone learn to be an Executive PA?

Shilpa Wymer, principal of Pitman Training centres in London and Manchester believes so. “Of course, anyone wishing to start a career in this field needs the right attitude – it’s not a job for the weak – but anyone can develop the skills with the right training.”

Indeed, Pitman Training’s Executive PA course to diploma level is probably the best recognised qualification in its field.

Shilpa Wymer again: “Our Executive PA Diploma programme is very comprehensive, covering 16 subjects in depth. Students learn audio and touch typing to 70 wpm for maximum office productivity, the whole suite of Microsoft Office applications to expert level, business English, letter layout and grammar, business structure and law and lots more.”


“We expect our students to leave us capable of interacting with a Board level boss and able to immediately carry out 90% of the tasks demanded by their new role.”

It’s no wonder then that Pitman Training’ students are in such high demand. Recent success stories have seen students take up roles at the United Nations, at Vogue magazine and even at Miss World, with many others going into the City and the legal sector.


Salaries for those who have taken a Pitman Training Executive PA course range from £20,000 in Manchester to £45,000 in London, so although the training requires a significant investment of time and finance, it pays back very quickly.

“The skills our PA students learn as part of their diploma are transferable to any career and every organisation, which make them invaluable, but I believe the popularity of our programme is equally due to the fact that you can start studying at any time without waiting for term to start.

A Flexible Approach.

And our teaching methodology means you can study on a drop-in basis, much like a gym, without needing a timetable,” says Shilpa.

A quick straw poll of students at the London High Holborn training centre seems to confirm that this is true. Some of the students claimed the shiftwork patterns in their current jobs meant that Pitman Training’s flexibility offered them the only way they could study while working.

Another attraction among the students interviewed suggested that they also liked the fact that they could graduate from the programme as quickly as they liked. It seems that the more hours they could put in, the more quickly they would complete their studies and get out onto the jobs market.

Now Available In Manchester.

Pitman Training recently reopened its training centre in Central Manchester and already, according to Shilpa, it’s most popular diploma programme is its Executive PA course.

“It looks as though Manchester has been waiting for Pitman Training to reopen its doors as the demand for PA training has exceeded our expectations, with dozens of people applying to enrol every week.

Over the coming months we intend to supply recruitment agencies and employers with a large number of high quality candidates who can really add value for top bosses in Greater Manchester,” Shilpa says.

You can learn more about Pitman Training’s Executive PA courses at or call them:

Manchester – 0161 923 6814

London Notting Hill – 020 7792 5214

London High Holborn – 020 7025 4700

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