Parisians & Bruxellois – Train As ‘Secretarire Bilingue’ In London!

Secretary SeminarsAmbitious people living in Brussels or Paris who wish to train as bilingual secretaries would do well to consider learning at Pitman Training in London’s Holborn.

The best recognised name in UK secretarial training for over 150 years, Pitman offers a learning system enabling people to study as “day-trippers.”

The Pitman system relies on pre-recorded lectures and increasingly challenging computer-based exercises with the on-site support of experienced trainers. Although attendance is necessary, there is no timetable and therefore no rigid class start times – a boon when travelling long distances.

As the Holborn centre is open from 09:00-20:00 and all day Saturday, studying to become a ‘secretaire bilingue’ means a long but feasible commute for a study day of a duration as long as the student can manage.

With Eurostar prices as low as 88 euros return, the fare is cheaper than a London hotel room and a handful of committed students are already making the trip twice per week.
The Pitman system is also highly flexible. Students can take just single subjects such as typing courses or Word, Excel or PowerPoint, or opt for one of their highly regarded diploma programmes, such as a full secretarial course or even an Executive PA course.

In the case of a diploma programme, students may qualify for exemptions from some subjects if they already have a high enough level of skill, saving time and money. This is particularly attractive to those who have studied secretarial skills in their home countries.

The projected duration of any student’s programme is calculated before enrolment so estimating travel costs is easy.

Another aspect of Pitman Training’s diploma programmes is that a number of the modules are selected by the student with the guidance of a Course Advisor and these can be chosen to reflect the particular needs of the aspiring secretaire bilingue.

An obvious choice in this case would be the Business English course which prepares students for the University of Cambridge ESOL BULATS exam. This is another key qualification on the road to becoming a truly international secretary and is invaluable in positioning the student for a career as a bilingual secretary.

Of course, visiting London once or twice per week needn’t be exclusively about study!

Pitman Training Holborn is located in a central area little frequented by tourists and offers ancient pubs, historic buildings, the British Museum and great shopping in Lambs Conduit Street. And if that wasn’t enough, Covent Garden is only a 10 minute walk away!

Overseas students are always welcome at the centre, which enjoys teaching secretaries from more than 20 different countries including Belgium and France, so newly enrolled learners feel immediately at home.

Once a study programme has been completed, the prospects for a Pitman trained bilingual secretary are very good, at least in the UK!

London has come out of recession and companies are hiring; salaries are impressive and the more highly skilled you are, the more you can command.

The organisation is proud of the fact that it receives unadvertised jobs fairly regularly from both international and domestic organisations scouting for highly skilled secretaries and administrators, resulting in an impressive track record of recruitment success among its students.

If the goal is to work as a bilingual secretary in one’s own country, employers have every right to be impressed by the depth of knowledge and skill demanded by Pitman before awarding a certificate or diploma bearing its prestigious name.

At the same time, Pitman Training in Holborn is also a recognised Microsoft IT Academy and it is possible to receive certificates bearing the Microsoft name as well.

If you wold like to learn more about training to become a leading bilingual secretary, visit or call Pitman Training London Holborn on 0044 207 025 4700.

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