Payroll Courses and Your Small Business

Setting up and running a small business can be tough, which is why we’ve designed payroll courses that can be applied to various sizes of business models. Ensuring the smooth running and administration of your small business is vital. So, what course is best for you?

Manual Payroll
This course is designed to teach the basics of manual PAYE system operation, and is ideally suited to the needs of someone who needs to get to grips with the ins and outs of PAYE in order to hire staff for a small business. The course compiles 30 hours study time at either our London or Manchester training centres (11 intensive sessions). Topics covered include dealing with income tax, NIC, Inland Revenue CD Rom operation and legal requirements.  Upon completion of the course we can offer graduates the chance to attend Sage payroll training.

Sage Payroll
As one of the most widely used payroll systems in the UK, understanding Sage Payroll v10 is a step towards smooth administration in your growing small business. Considered a prerequisite for bookkeepers with growing finances to manage, our Sage courses are designed to follow on flawlessly from manual payroll training to help you develop the skills to automatically calculate PAYE and NIC. Our current Sage courses are typically made up of around 18 hours study time (spread over 5 intensive sessions) at our Manchester or London sites.

The future of your small business is fragile, but with our courses you can give it the best possible start.

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