Pitman Training For Career Development.

Pitman Training is probably the best known name in secretarial training and it’s no surprise that their medical secretary courses are so highly regarded.

Indeed their Medical Secretarial Diploma is even approved by AMSPAR, the Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Managers, Administrators and Receptionists.

So anyone looking to start a career in medical administrative services or as a medical secretary should definitely explore what they have to offer.

The easiest way to identify what Pitman Training offers is to look at the skills delivered by their diploma because this is a modular programme where, if you already have sufficient skills in any of the subjects, you may qualify for exemptions, studying just the courses you need.

Alternatively you can elect to just study single subjects to certificate level rather than taking a whole diploma.

Most students begin their diploma studies with a touch typing course, either to learn to type properly from scratch or to improve their current touch typing speed and accuracy.

Audio transcription is also on offer.

An extremely popular module is Effective Business Communication, which is mostly about grammar and letter layout and takes you back to grammar school education, helping students to avoid the most commonly made mistakes in English.

To become a top medical secretary, it is important to be highly skilled with computer technology and the Pitman Training programme provides these skills.

Aspiring medical secretaries will learn Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook to a high intermediate level. Then we come to two specifically medical secretary courses:

The Medical Secretary – An Introduction

Medical Audio Transcription

The first of these, the introduction, is a very in-depth educational experience designed to provide all aspects of written correspondence related to the health sector as well as medical terminology.

It’s a highly professional module and much, much more than the overview offered by some colleges.

Medical Audio Transcription builds on the material in the earlier audio transcription module but in a specifically medical environment.

In addition to the courses mentioned, an individual interested in the whole diploma would need to take a further two subjects of their choice to qualify.

Many people find Word Part 2 to expert level and the Meetings & Minutes seminar are the most attractive subjects to employers.

The Pitman Training centres in London (Notting Hill or Holborn) and Manchester are quite unlike a traditional college or university as they operate all year round, rather than academic terms and this means students can start their courses at any time.

They also operate a type of “drop-in” approach, much like a gym, where students can choose when to come in for training and study at hours to suit them during the long opening times offered by either training centre.

They’re open on Saturdays so even students who are working can attend.

“They make it really easy to fit your studies around your personal life,“ confirms one student.

“I wasn’t able to take the whole diploma for financial reasons so they’ve helped me build my career by just concentrating on the purely medical secretary courses in the programme and I can always top up the other subjects as my situation improves.

At least if I can master those subjects while I’m working I’ll have a head start in my job search.”

Pitman Training in London’s Notting Hill and Holborn and Manchester are owned by Holborn Training Ltd, a very well respected and long-established education provider and they can be contacted as follows:

Notting Hill – 020 7702 5214

Holborn – 020 7025 4700

Manchester -  0161 923 6814

Or contact us by email.

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