Pitman Training Launches BTEC Management Courses.

In a move away from its traditional office skills training offerings, Pitman Training in London’s Notting Hill and High Holborn has launched a range of online management training courses.

While remaining focused on practical skills, this new launch is a departure from the organisation’s traditional offerings in that it is aimed at a higher educational level and it is delivered online, with no attendance required.

Additionally, the award is by BTEC rather than Pitman Training.

Shilpa Wymer, Principal of the colleges, explains:

“We wanted to broaden our appeal and also to give our students a new goal to reach. At the same time, the training needed to match our ethos of delivering very practical education, for use in the workplace.”

“We also felt this was an opportunity for us to enter the online training arena, in order to allow students the maximum flexibility with their studies.”

Pitman Training’s course development team spent two years developing a range of Diploma, Certificate and Award level BTEC accredited programmes, piloting them internally to ensure they met the needs of the learning community.

The top of the “Management Studies” range is the BTEC Level 5 Diploma, a programme estimated to require 300 hours of study.

“This really is a heavyweight management training programme,” Mrs Wymer asserts, “delivering people management, financial management, health and safety, marketing and personal development units.”

The organisation also offers shorter programmes resulting in Certificates, Awards or simply Units, for students who are unable to commit to such an in-depth programme.

“One of the aspects of the programme that really excites me is the way the material is tailorable to reflect the real-life issues students are experiencing at work. That means the learning points can be applied immediately, making it a very high value programme.”

All the new management training programmes are aimed at people who are aiming to move up to management, such as team leaders and also at new managers who need to develop a clearer understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

One of the students who piloted the programme, David McCluskey adds:

“I’m quite new to management and was’t really sure what was expected of me, but I work shifts, so going to college in the evenings wasn’t possible for me. The fact that this programme is online gives me the flexibility to study when I want. And whenever you get stuck, you have a personal tutor at the other end of the phone.”

The decision to offer BTEC qualifications rather than those offered by Pitman Training was an interesting move, according to Shilpa Wymer.

“Pitman Training is such a trusted name in education that I think our course development team took a brave step in allying our programmes to another examining body. But I think it is a positive step because we’re best known for office skills training and going for BTEC shows that we are doing something different and aiming at a new learning community.”

Pitman Training’s management training courses range in price from £313.95 for a single module up to £6298.95 for the full diploma programme.

Pitman Training can be contacted on 020 7792 5214 for Notting Hill and 020 7025 4700 for High Holborn or click here to contact them by email.

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