Pitman Training’s Two Day Touch Typing Class

Hanna CraigWe took some time to speak to Hanna, our Notting Hill trainer and seminar tutor for the Two Day Touch Typing class, to find out what students can expect from her course.

Who Is The Course For?

Anyone can learn to touch type, as long as they have the motivation! I’ve taught students who have self-taught themselves to touch type from school onwards with only two fingers, to students who have never even touched a keyboard. Both have come away from the course knowing how to touch type with all fingers, without looking at the keyboard and even reaching 20 words per minute!

If you find yourself getting frustrated when you’re typing or if you want to improve your typing speed but don’t have much time, this course is for you.

Why Should People Learn How To Touch Type?

Computers have become a necessity at home and at work, and most people use a keyboard every day without realising they’re sitting in the incorrect position, putting extra strain on their wrists and back, and not using all their fingers and looking at the keyboard.

What Can Attendees Expect To Gain During The Two Days?

  • Students will learn how to sit properly at a computer, use all fingers, how to position the keyboard and use it correctly
  • Our touch typing software comes with your own profile, which enables you to save your progress and view your results
  • You’ll get training on using all the letters at a speed of 10-20 wpm, and will be shown how to copy type with drill exercises
  • Learn the history of touch typing and get handy exercise tips
  • You’ll also receive a touch typing pack with drills to practice at home, and a miniature keyboard card for support
  • At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate signed by the tutor

What Advice Would You Give To Those Learning How To Touch Type?

  • Practise copy typing drills on a Word document as on the software you will be much faster, but the copy typing is the most realistic way to learn and improve your accuracy and speed
  • Practise little sections often, and don’t leave long periods of time in between learning. On average, if you practise every day (1-2 hours a day) your accuracy will improve therefore your speed will increase. Most students can touch type confidently between 2 weeks to 2 months perfectly
  • Try not to take it too seriously and see it as a competition. We’re all built differently so some may take to typing easily, whereas others may take longer. The important thing is to get your accuracy correct first; everyone will get to the same speed eventually.
  • Practise at times when you are most alert. Most students touch type really well in the morning but by the afternoon they are much slower.
  • Remember, once you have learnt the correct way to touch type, this can open many doors for you. You could find your boss asking you to type up that 20 page document in a day, or even trying some audio typing. Also, Legal and Medical positions require high speed typing and on average most companies expect a speed of 45-50 wpm using all fingers.
  • And finally, enjoy!

What Are The Biggest Challenges People Learning To Touch Type Face?

When learning to touch type for the first time, a lot of students find it hard to keep motivated when using the software, but the key to this is to practise typing no more than 1 ½ hours at a time, and to mix in copy typing drills on a computer document, as well as carrying out exercises for the body and hands and taking plenty of breaks.

Students also find learning a new letter hard, and this can be down to using fingers which they have never used before. Taking the strokes slowly and mapping the fingers to the keys will help students to get better, but this does take time and practise.

What Our Student’s Say

William Fuller

I attended the Two Day Touch Typing course in April 2014. Hanna was supportive throughout the training course and her enthusiasm was of great assistance. With the methodical approach, I have an excellent foundation to develop my typing skills using the test and practise studies that were provided.

About The Trainer

I started as a student at the Holborn Centre in 2007 after deciding to embark on a change of career.

After completing my diploma in 5 months with a touch typing speed of 50wpm from 0, I was approached to join the Notting Hill team as a trainer, and 6 months later I was promoted to Assistant Training Manager.

During my time with Pitman Training, I have witnessed a lot of inaccurate typists and taught many students to become great ones. I started the Two Day Touch Typing seminar to focus mainly on this area as I felt that this was achievable for anyone wanting to learn the correct method, but have limited time.

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