Professor’s Negativity Spurs On Entrepreneur

Professor“The back alleys of under-achievement are littered with the bodies of students like you!” thundered my crusty old professor.

The tears stung my eyes before rolling down my cheeks and onto the page.

“I’m not having that,” I thought and began plotting my revenge.

First of all, I would get my degree and show that aging buffoon I could be a success despite his bullying condescension.

Then I would make a name for myself in education as someone who could motivate anybody to study successfully rather than using academia’s tired, burnt-out, grinding approach.

And that’s how I embarked on a glittering career with one of the world’s largest fund management groups, training young people to service clients and doing my best to enthuse them to help investors.

From there I went on to Hotlines Call Centre Group, first in their training organisation, where I helped develop the most creative bespoke programmes imaginable for call centre staff in globally excellent companies, before becoming Managing Director of their outsourcing division.

And all the way I focused on making training as non-threatening and enjoyable as I could, for everyone, bright or struggling, young or old.

My starting point is to ask, “Why should anyone be made to feel small if they’re supposed to be learning? Surely it’s the responsibility of the teacher to make the learning happen!”

So if I hadn’t found the Pitman Training method, I think I would have invented it myself.

As it is, I bought three franchised training centres, in London’s Holborn, Notting Hill and also in Manchester.

And what I’ve tried to do is build a team of customer service aware people who train rather than create trainers with customer service added on. Our customers are our students, who pay to learn the skills that earn them nationally recognised Pitman Training diploma qualifications.

We tend to specialise in the Pitman Executive PA course, legal secretarial course and a range of bookkeeping training, as well as typing courses.

The brilliant thing is that the lectures are pre-recorded and you ask for the input of the trainers when you’re stuck, confused, demotivated or your brain won’t work! So the approach is for students to take as much time as they need to work out things for themselves but to ask for help as and when they need it.

With this method, it’s impossible for anyone to be the slow kid in the class and if you’re a quick learner, you won’t be held up by slower learners. So there’s no embarrassment for anyone.

And the trainers love to help!

I select trainers from our outstanding students. Of course they have the knowledge, having completed the courses themselves, but I look for something else, too. That’s an awareness of what it’s like to be a student. Empathy. Plus a desire to really help.

That’s why we have an exceptionally high pass rate for our Pitman Training exams. In fact, most of our students pass with distinction!

But it’s not just our Executive PA course, legal secretarial course and the others that are available. We have more than 80 subjects on offer, each designed to get you into a fabulous career, even if you’ve never studied before.

I’m trying to think of a slogan for our approach, but I’m struggling. Maybe I should take our marketing course!

Anyone got any better ideas?

If you’d like to find out more about our diploma level, nationally recognised Executive PA course, legal secretarial course or any of our other 80+ courses, please visit our web site:

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