Recruitment Course -
The Legal Aspects Of Interviewing.


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Recruitment Course – The Legal Aspects Of Interviewing

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Recruitment Course – “The Legal Aspects Of Interviewing.”

The process of recruiting staff is fraught with legal pitfalls and this short (10 hours) course is designed to help you stay on the right side of employment law. It is not a legal course per se but instead focuses on the areas where a recruiter is most likely to transgress.

What Is Covered In This Important Recruitment Course.

In 4 key lessons you’ll cover the following:

Lesson One: You’ll start by learning how to hire new employees and the process involved. You’ll gain insight into ‘Protected Classes’ to avoid any aspects of discrimination through the hiring process, and the legal implications.

Lesson Two: You’ll look into what extent a bona fide occupation qualification (BFOQ) is necessary in relation to the tasks and responsibilities undertaken in a particular role, and with this gain insight into differentiating between what is classed as fair or discriminatory throughout the selection and hiring process.

Lesson Three: You’ll take a closer look at the pre-interview process to ensure in the lead up to selecting the right candidate for a position, you have put the correct steps in place. This will involve identifying and correctly outlining the job requirements, and also selecting the most efficient type of questions for interview.

Lesson Four: In the final lesson you’ll cover how to effectively field applicants, by putting together rating systems and learning how to identify any ‘red flags’ throughout the process. You will also look at preparation techniques to ensure you are organised and are also fully engaged and committed throughout the process.

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