Returning To Work After A Career Break

Going back into the workplace after a long break can seem very daunting. Often, a career break will be planned, such as maternity leave, but this isn’t always the case.  Sometimes it’s the result of being made redundant or illness, but whatever the reason, many people find returning to work after a long period of absence to be quite nerve-racking.

When trying to get back into the workplace, you might come across barriers you haven’t faced before, such as the increasingly competitive jobs market and the advanced level of technology and skills required by employers.

But for most people, confidence is the biggest obstacle to getting back to work.

Common concerns are often ‘Are my skills up to date?’ and ‘Am I still good enough?’

If you’re not feeling confident enough to re-enter the workplace, we recommend refreshing your skills to give you the latest knowledge and proficiency.

Stay in the loop

During your career break, it’s important to stay in the loop of what’s happening in your industry.

To do this, set up a LinkedIn profile, speak to recruiters, or come and chat to our Course Advisors in London or Manchester. They’ll be able to assess whether your skills can compete in the current jobs market, and tell you what you need to work on to get the edge over your competition.

The Pitman Training centres in Manchester and London (Notting Hill and Holborn) are set up like offices, and are full of career driven people either looking for a promotion, their dream job or wanting to refresh their skills to improve their chances of getting back into work.

Being in this office like environment with like-minded people will help give you an extra bit of confidence for when you do go back to work.

If you’re short on time and need to gain skills quickly, you’ll enjoy our expert led seminars.  These seminars will ensure your skills and knowledge are up to date, and will give you fresh ideas ready to take into the workplace. It’s also a great place to swap tips, and even hear about job openings.

What next?

Once you’re confident in your skills, the next step should be to make sure your CV is modern and of a professional standard, and that your skills have been highlighted in the best possible way. We recommend using a professional service such as the CV Store, and if you’re studying with us, you’ll receive a special discount for their services.

Lastly, when you get an interview, be prepared to prove to interviewers that you are ready to commit to returning to work, and explain your career break with confidence.  For more advice on returning to the workplace, and for our special Back to Work Diploma, click here.

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