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Security+ Training

Security+ Training For SY0-401

Distance Learning Security + Training.

If you’re working as a Network Technician or Administrator, undertaking Security+ training will enable you to take your career to the next level and provide you with an IT industry standard, vendor-neutral certification.

This course will help you develop your knowledge and understanding of security concepts, how to manage and maintain security on a network, how to manage security breaches and much more.

A cutting edge learning programme, the course is delivered by online video tuition with email support and can be studied anytime, any place, anywhere.

To help you prepare for your Security+ exam (SY0-401), there are lots of practice test questions to help solidify all the knowledge gained throughout the course.

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Who This Course Is Aimed At.

The CompTIA Security+ certification is essential for anyone looking to work as a Security Engineer, Security Consultant or Network Administrator. This course will ensure you have the knowledge and understanding to achieve your goal and prepare you to undertake the Security+ certification exam (SY0-401).


Before starting the Security+ course, it would be preferable if you have a strong level of pre-existing IT skills and have undertaken our Network+ course.

Aims and Objectives.

This course is designed to help prepare you to undertake the Security+ exam SY0-401.

Course Content.

There are a total of 7 sessions within this CompTIA Security+ training:

Session 1 Section A: Introduction

Section B: Principles and Concepts Section C: Assessment Tools Section D: Risk Mitigation Section E: Incident Response Section F: Security Policies Section G: Security Awareness Training
Session 2 Section A: Risk Management Best Practices Section B: Network Infrastructure Devices
Section C: Network Services
Section D: VLAN and Network Design
Section E: TCP/IP Networking
Section F: Common Network Protocols Section G: Protocol Ports
Session 3 Section A: Understanding Firewalls Section B: Security-related Network Tools Section C: Wireless Networking Section D: Application Servers Section E: Data and Database Servers
Section F: Understanding Authentication Section G: Authentication Services
Session 4 Section A: Cryptography Basics Section B: Cryptography Tools Section C: Public Key Infrastructure Section D: Authentication and Cryptography Attacks Section E: Wired Network Attacks Section F: Wireless Network Attacks
Session 5 Section A: Application Vulnerabilities Section B: Database Attacks Section C: Server Vulnerabilities Section D: Malware Issues Section E: Social Engineering Section F: Additional Attacks Section G: Covering Tracks and Backdoors
Session 6 Section A: Detecting Attacks Section B: Automated Detecting Section C: Physical Security Section D: Environmental Controls Section E: Secure Administration Section F: Server Hardening Section G: Network Interface Security
Session 7 Section A: Vulnerability Scan Section B: Application Security Section C: Update and Patch Management Section D: Virtualisation and Cloud Computing Section E: General Hardening and Forensics Section F: Static Devices Section G: Mobile Security Concepts

More Important Information.

Course price: £500
Typical course duration: 70 hours

For more information or to sample the course, free, please call us:

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Notting Hill: 020 7792 5214

Croydon: 020 8688 0378

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